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 Project Pure's Moderator/Administrator Application.

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project pure

project pure

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Project Pure's Moderator/Administrator Application. Empty
PostSubject: Project Pure's Moderator/Administrator Application.   Project Pure's Moderator/Administrator Application. I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2013 2:36 pm

1 week + ingame Activity! & forums.
well repected & well known ingame & on forums!
Helpfull, ingame and on forums!

* Things that could boost my Promotion possabilitys*

Very Helpful
Think very well known
i am active on fourms and ingame everyday.

Have fun, and goodluck on your promotion!
Quote:If you got it, Ill try to buy it.
Name?:Cyle Mercer
In-Game Name?:Project pure
Do you have any experiance?:Not really. (first time)
Timezone(GMT +/- ?)?:GMT:5:00am Canada
Do you play over the night?:Yes.
Are you active on the forums & Ingame?:Yes
Forums Name?: * Link to account * Project pure
How long do you play a week?:5 days a week.
How long have you played Exempia 667?:4 Months
Have you read the moderator requirements?:Yes sir

I Believe that i would make a good Administration or Moderator, for reason one; I strongly in joy playing Exempia every day, and i always try to get onto Exempia every day. I am on Exempia about 5-8 hours a day. Second reason why I strongly believe I should be a administration or moderator is because I love to help people out, and try to make the Economies better on Exempia. I try to get people from other server to join Exempia, because i believe it is one of the best runescape private servers out there. Third reason why I strongly believe i would be a great staff member is because, I try the best I can to help people out when I can, and try to get them to help out the server by not using bugs, or glitches, or anything like that, I try to get people to be the best they can on the server and incur rage players to increase their wealth/banks by using all the tools that are aviable on the server, to help them make the most money they can and without asking/begging for money/items. I really try to get people to make their own money and bank.

Sincerely your friend and player,

Cyle Mercer

Ingame Name:Project Pure
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Project Pure's Moderator/Administrator Application.
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